Transport Trends in the Mediterranean Countries 1999

27 Nov 1995 . authorities dealing with transport in the Mediterranean countries, this database now contains a . tonnes in 1995 to 2 072 in 1999 (source: CAPMAS). .. Source: Trends in Tourism in the Mediterranean, Eurostat 2001. State of Mediterranean Forests 2013 - FAO Keywords: food consumption trends, nutrition transition, globalization . Mean Mediterranean Adequacy Index for country groups and countries in 1961/1965 Between 1961/1963 and 1999/2001, there has been a sharp rise in the . B. M. 2006Technology, transport, globalization and the nutrition transition food policy. The Mediterranean Sea system - Ocean Science In fact, transportation potentially affects the nature of the urban area itself (Small, 1997), and for this . finding a clear downward trend in public transport patronage that is mainly due to increasing car . In spite of this, we must acknowledge that the weights of Mediterranean and Center-European metro- А0.1901 (А0.99). transport sector reform and deeper economic integration . - Mafhoum 29 Nov 2000 . Commission in charge of energy and transport: The transport and Mediterranean countries that signed the Barcelona Declaration of 27-28 November. 1995 . Full statistics are available in the Eurostat publication «Transport trends in the Mediterranean countries» (OOPEC, 1999, catalogue number:  Trends in investments in port infrastructure in the mediterranean . Slovenian Railways network is linked to all major European cities with modern . Europe with both Mediterranean countries and countries along the Suez. In 2000, rail passenger transport in Slovenia increased the most compared to 1999, Road freight transport was on a slightly upward trend (up 0.2% a year); it  UNWTO Tourism Trends Snapshot: Tourism in the Mediterranean . Rising Mediterranean Sea Surface Temperatures Amplify Extreme . ESPON Project 1.2.1 Transport services and networks: territorial 6 Sep 2013 . The Mediterranean Sea system: a review and an introduction to the special issue Monitoring and modeling the evolution of the dynamics of the .. lation of the western Mediterranean (e.g. Millot, 1999; Tsim- plis et al., 2006), . ern Mediterranean Sea) that transport water from the upper water column to  About the origin of the Mediterranean Waters warming during . - OSD The Mediterranean Moisture Contribution to Climatological . - MDPI The Euro-Mediterranean region brings together countries with different . Second, the evolution of regional integration schemes involving the Euro- .. development, social and civil affairs, higher education and research, transport and urban 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008  What shapes local public transportation in Europe? Economics . 21 Apr 2018 . In addition, analysis of extreme precipitation trends and changes in water transport from the Mediterranean basin to different areas of the  Euro Mediterranean partnership: the European . - Europa EU

27 Nov 1995 . authorities dealing with transport in the Mediterranean countries, this database now contains a . tonnes in 1995 to 2 072 in 1999 (source: CAPMAS). .. Source: Trends in Tourism in the Mediterranean, Eurostat 2001.

7 Nov 2013 . [3] The Western Mediterranean Sea (WMS) is a marine biodiversity of water masses of different densities—see Millot [1999] for a complete  DESTIN PROJECT CONSORTIUM 10 Feb 2016 . markets, the group of 29 countries around the Mediterranean Sea connectivity by air and surface transport, modern-day . 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011  Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development - Plan Bleu 31 May 2007 . the Mediterranean Sea, within the Italian perspective. In line with the Sustainable Transport Chain” (COM 99/317) a definition of what is considered as SSS in. Europe was .. peaks related to the business trends). Table 5. Seasonal variations of Saharan dust transport over the . 16 Nov 2016 . Transport trends in the Mediterranean countries. 1999 ed. 1999 ed. eng en 2016-11-16T02:08:21.177+01:00 2016-11-16T02:08:20.564+01:00. Transport in the Euro–Mediterranean region Trends in Maritime Transport and Port Development . In mid-1999, developing countries began to recover from the 1997-1998 financial crisis in . Container Lines (OOCL) of China, and the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)) and the  ATMOSPHERIC TRANSPORT AND DEPOSITION OF POLLUTANTS . We analyse recent Mediterranean Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) and their . (1999) stated that the eastern Mediterranean SST is defined by two extreme which potentially affects water transport over the western Mediterranean Sea  Recent sea surface temperature trends and future scenarios for the . 10 Oct 2016 . road and rail freight and all other types of sea transport. For the The average road freight rates between 1999 and 2015 shows an upward trend .. Mediterranean area) fell by around 2 per cent on average for flows in both. Growth of Container Seaborne Traffic in the Mediterranean Basin . Keywords: Hub and spokes, liner shipping industry, Mediterranean, ports, maritime . ships performing regional and interregional cabotage services,– short sea .. 6 Trend of container throughput between 1998 and 2001. Porti. 1998. 1999. italy s international freight transport - Banca d Italia 30 Aug 2016 . Vb-cyclones develop over the Mediterranean Sea, which itself strongly forced by average Mediterranean SSTs during 1970–1999 and 2000–2012. moisture transport, with potential impacts on Central European precipitation. Climate models do not simulate significant trends in the number of summer  Sea surface transport in the Western Mediterranean Sea: A . atmosphere; to monitor the trends of airborne pollution levels and inputs for . projects implemented in some Mediterranean countries in 1999-2000 and  The maritime container transport structure in Mediterranean and Italy Tourism in the Mediterranean countries - Key Figures 1997-1998, 1999 . tourism, migration, transport, national accounts, external trade, environment and non. PARAMETERS INFLUENCING SHORT SEA SHIPPING . - VTT 2.1 Assessment of forest resources in the Mediterranean region. 28 .. Population trends in Mediterranean countries, 1950–2050 . Sources of financial flows to Mediterranean countries, 1999–2002, 2003–2006 and 2007– integration and to facilitate this in the areas of water, the environment, transport, energy, education. The Development of Short Sea Shipping in the Eastern . 15 Jul 2013 . Trends of Dust Transport Episodes in Cyprus Using a Classification of Synoptic Types Established with Artificial Neural Networks Particularly, in countries of the southeastern Mediterranean region which .. 359–365, 1999. Slovenian transport: Transport s Attractive Business Potential . 1 Aug 2018 . Figure 5: Evolution of Transport Traffic in Portugal by mode (1980-96) .. National Port Infrastructure Policies in the Mediterranean Countries .. ECMT (1999), Investments in transport infrastructure 1985-1995, OECD, Paris. Trends in Maritime Transport and Port Development This paper argues that the countries of the southern Mediterranean should move . It reviews the policy framework and reform trends in the European Union. of economic integration can be found in McDonald and Dearden (1999) and. Food consumption trends and drivers - NCBI - NIH and networks: territorial trends and basic supply of infrastructure for territorial cohesion”. transport network of the Mediterranean area: Trans-Pyrenees passages, Menerault and Stransky (1999) proposed an approach of long distance  REGIONAL INTEGRATION IN THE EURO-MEDITERRANEAN 8 Sep 2014 . Transport Trends and Economics in Mediterranean region: sharing experiences . Mediterranean countries in the field of transport. 1995. 1999.

8 Nov 2017 . studies of the atmospheric dispersion and transport condi- the distribution of methane over the tropospheric Mediterranean Basin, as part of the Chemistry- .. 1999). The changes in the mixing layer depth (MLD, i.e., the height of the trend and the CH4 concentration growth over this part of the basin. Predominant transport paths of Saharan dust over the Mediterranean Sea to Europe . Atlantic Ocean toward the Americas by trade winds [Prospero, 1999]. .. trend. However, the total absence of maxima in front of the mountains assumes  Lagrangian Transport of Marine Litter in the Mediterranean Sea The 21 Mediterranean countries and the European Community decided, at . out the Mediterranean that current development trends are unsustainable. . million more visitors, transport which is projected to more than double in volume, in 1999 by the Contracting Parties, identify good practices and produce an in-. 10 September 2014 Transport Trends and Economics in . - unece 26 Dec 2013 . in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Towards a Rational E.U. Freight Transport Policy An aid to this trend is the observed rapid development of Sambracos E. (1999) “The role of Greece in the inland transport of the  Atmospheric pollution over the eastern Mediterranean during summer CETMO -Transport Study Center for the Western Mediterranean - was set up in 1985 . Analysing trends in trade in the Western Mediterranean, encouraging 1998) and became GIS-Adviser of TINA for Central and Eastern Countries (1999). Transport trends in the Mediterranean countries. Transport trends in 16 Aug 2017 . Abstract The Mediterranean Sea transforms Atlantic Waters Key words: Temperature and salinity trends, climate change, Mediterranean Sea. be especially sensitive to climate change and other anthropogenic effects (Bethoux et al., 1999). .. and precipitation, river runoff and net transport through the  countries Tourism trends in mediterranean 12 Jul 2007 . The economic geography of the Mediterranean basin results from Behind the New Trends of Container Transport in the Mediterranean. Trends of Dust Transport Episodes in Cyprus Using a Classification . The Mediterranean Sea is strongly affected by the presence of floating litter, as it . Climatological reconstructions of the time evolution of litter distribution in the The Mediterranean circulation (Malanotte-Rizzoli et al, 1999; Robinson et al.,